Choice of 2 different target versions to update from OMV 4.1.7-1 (Arrakis)

  • I'm using OMV 4.1.7-1 (Arrakis) and when checking today for the latest available RPM updates for my NAS box, it seems now I have the choice of 2 different versions as outlined with:

    user@nasbox:~ $ sudo apt list --upgradable -a
    Listing... Done
    openmediavault/arrakis,arrakis 4.1.28-1 all [upgradable from: 4.1.27-1]
    openmediavault/now 4.1.27-1 all [installed,upgradable to: 4.1.28-1]

    Which one shall I choose to update my current platform?

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