Network Path was not found 0x80070035

  • Hello,

    I recently installed Openmediavault on an old pc at home. I followed the installation guide to create a shared folder on the network using SMB. The shared folder works fine and easily accessible on all computers on the network that are connected via WIFI but the other 2 computers that are connected to the network via Ethernet can't access the shared folder and show the following message:
    -Network Path was not found 0x80070035

    I used google to find a solution and I followed multiple guides to resolve the problem but without success. I am not sure if the problem comes from the computers, the router (tp-link) or I have to change some setting in Openmediavault.

    I appreciate all help.

    thank you

  • Assuming all clients are in the same network AND wifi is bridged into that network (this is the usual default for consumer routers with a wireless AP), there should be no difference in accessing the server with clients that are wired or wireless. Routers of different types have a wide variety of security features that can be misconfigured or, when activated, have unintended consequences. On the other hand, by default, OMV does not firewall clients on the local network.

    Things that have not been mentioned in either post above is what operating system is being used on the clients that are attempting to access the server, and client network settings. Also not mentioned is the version of OMV is being used, 4 or 5.

    Take a look at this doc:
    Connect to OMV with Win10.
    Most of these settings will apply to Windows 7 and 8 as well. Other than the SMB level, there's very little difference between the three.

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