Speaker alert on drive failure

  • Recently a drive in one of my RAID arrays failed and I didn't notice for a few days because the notification email ended up in the spam folder. That's when I had an idea: shouldn't it be possible to get the motherboard speaker to beep when something like this happens? After all, most NAS systems do this by default or at least have an option to enable it and OMV already beeps on startup and shutdown.

    Unfortunately, I have no idea where to start :D Does someone know a way to enable this?

  • You can add a script to /etc/smartmontools/run.d that will be executed in case of an alert. I think you need to do some research how to filter various alerts. Maybe /usr/share/smartmontools/smartd-runner will give you some hints. Also check the smartmontools documentation. If you get it working, please feel free to open an issue on GitHub so that we can include it into OMV.

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