ICY BOX Docking station

  • evening everyone,

    I have a dual disk ICY Box docking station IB-120stu3-wh (usb 3.0, 2014 model) which works fine with Windows, but when I connect it to my Raspberry Pi using OMV, it doesnt show up at all, neither the docking station, or any of the disks. However, if i use my single bay ICY Box IB-111StUS2-Wh (usb 2.0, 2011 model), the disk shows up fine.

    I am brand new to Raspebrry Pi and OMV, so am struggling to trouble shoot this, except what I see in the GUI.A

    Is there any way to manually load drivers for IB-120stu3-wh? If the old single bay one works, i would have thought the newer dual bay one should work, considering I have read many other forums where people say that Sabrent dule dock ones work fine, or could it just be that it isn't meant to work, and I should buy this one: Sabrent EC-DSK2

    Many Thanks in advance.

  • Ah never mind, I can't be bothered with this anymore, as it seems to defy logic on even the initial setup, let alone any other issues further down the line...I will now regretably stick my new Raspbery Pi on eBay and back to my working Windows NAS setup :) Oh well, it was worth the try!

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