CPU-Freq and Temp-Monitoring on Odroid XU4(HC1) and OMV5

  • Hi @all,

    first, i am new in this forum. I had used OMV4 on my Odroid HC1 for a while. Two Weeks ago, i destroyed my OMV-Installation, so i decided to install OMV5 on the Odroid.

    Under OMV4, i used this guide to monitore the CPU-frequence and temperature:


    Under OMV4, everything worked fine, but under OMV 5, i run into some trouble:

    I could figure out, that under OMV5, the command omv-mkconf ist not longer avaliable and is replaced with omv-salt deploy run....

    After that, in ran in another issue, related to the change to salt:

    In the Guide, there is the following command:

    chmod +x /usr/local/bin/cpu{temp,fanspeed} /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/collectd.d/cpu{freq,temp,fanspeed}

    Because omv-mkconf ist not avaliable under OMV5, the path in the command above ist not found.

    At this point, i have no idea how to get the temp- and freq-monitoring running under OMV5.

    Could anybody help me please? Is the guide at all usabel under OMV5 with some modifications or is the intention impossible?

    greetings, Jojo

    PS. sorry for my bad english...

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