Rsync OMV data to remote Windows PC storage disk?

  • How would I go about having an automated way for data in shared folders on my OMV5.x Nas "pushed" and backup on a Windows pc storage drive? Can this be done? I did it before, but I'm a little forgetful. :/ Cron job /Rscyn possible? I am open to suggestions and directions?

    My intention is to backup media (photos & video), from my Nas to - two other Window 10 OS systems. One of them offsite, but both in the same LAN including the Nas box. Is there a way to automatically "set and forget," so I don't have to worry about backups? :?:

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  • I did this once using cron and rsync from omv to a linux desktop. Had to set up the rsa keys so it doesn't stall waiting for a password. I'll have a look at my old notes to find the cmd line I put in cron. Get back to U when I find it

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