OMV5 on Raspberry Pi 4 with HDD - no spin down possible?

  • Hi, I'm not sure if the issue is related to OMV or to raspbian / raspberry, and if I'm on the right forum here, but maybe somebody can help. (I already searched for the issue, but didnt't find a solution so far.)

    I'm running OMV 5 on a Raspberry Pi 4 with latest raspbian (not lite but booting to CLI). Everything is working so far but power management for the HDD. I tried several settings (power management settings 1, 64, 128, with and without acousting power management enabled, write buffer enabled) in OMV to configure HDD idle / standby / spin down state, but I didn't notice a spin down yet.

    My components:

    • Raspberry Pi 4 2GB with up to date Raspbian Buster.
    • OMV 5, no updates available
    • Seagate Expansion external HDD 2,5", 5TB, EXT4, formatted by OMV webUI

    In another thread I read somebody succeded to put the HDD to spin down by using Seagate software. But since my drive is formattet EXT4, my windows PC does not recognize it anymore.

    I also tried Nextcloud (NextcloudPi), which also does not spin down the drive. When connected to my Win10 PC, it does spin down properly after a couple of minutes.

    Does anybote have an idea on how to get my setup to save HDD livespan? My NAS will be used rather rarely, so spin down would be quite a good thing I guess.

    Help is very much appreciated.

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