RAID 50 (multiple RAID 5 arrays striped)

  • I'm coming back to OMV and software RAID after many performance issues with ZFS on FreeNAS. I currently have 24x 10TB drives in my backup NAS and would like to run RAID 50 or RAID 60, with 8x drives in RAID 5, striped over the 3 RAID 5 arrays.

    Creating this is no problem. The issue I want to rectify now before I move data to the server is adding additional RAID 5's to the striped pool in the future to expand my storage. I created 3x 10-drive RAID 5 arrays, but only striped 2 of them. I want to be sure that I can create a 4th and potentially 5th RAID 5 array with 8 drives each and add them to the RAID 50 pool. How do I go about adding another RAID 5 array to the striped RAID 50 pool?


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