Ftp not working from clean and smooth installation

  • Hi everyone,

    This is my first post, so hello!

    I am new to this linux/debian world and I am trying to learn and take advantage of and old desktop pc to build my own nas. After some readings and opinions I ended up choosing OMV. Despite my absolute ignorance I realised it was the most efficient option for basic hardware and overall I liked the project with many updates and a great community with several guides and people willing to give a hand when needed. So here I am, asking for your patience and help... to cut the long story short after some trouble and lots of reading with setting properly the bios (legacy and enhanced options) to boot from an iso installation usb I managed to have OMV installed and running in a SATA2 160GB HD, create one user, a shared folder in a 1,5TB HD , and even installing the OMV-extras and make a backup using the plugin.

    But with the ftp I have no luck, and I've tried and read all related posts. I've got no error when I turned it on and in the dashboard both checks "enabled" and "running" are green for ftp service. Although when I try to connect the ftp is not running and if I try to run the diagnostics for ftp I get this error:

    If I reboot, the running service check turns red though. I am considering reinstalling from scratch but I am afraid I'll get the same error since I didn't change anything as far as I am concerned...

    I tried updating with omv-update, just with the proftpd too, and enabling and disabling many times. Even formatting and creating again the partitions on the data disk, user and shared folder. Nothing helped.

    Please can you help me? Thank you so much for your help and congratulations on this great project.

  • A bit of update...

    After fresh reinstalling ftp worked, so first thing I made a back up (using backup plugin with fsarchiver) just in case. After installing system rescue cd and reboot, it turned red again and didn't work with same error if I run diagnosis test. I restored the backup and worked again. After setting up static ip in the router and booting up didn't work again, and worked restoring the backup again...

    I don't think the setup changes I made have anything to do with ftp and it is kind of random it works after a reboot. It is really a shame the ftp is not solid and consistent as the rest of services and functions. In other posts I read something about problematic proftpd script and the solution is not in OMV project hands...

    I need a stable solution to transfer big files from a windows server outside local network to the OMV nas. My goal is speed over security (no critical or private data) and that's why I chose ftp. What alternatives do I have? Thanks again for your help.

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