Trying to use a Synology NAS as a remote mount for OMV 5

  • So I've got a VM of open media vault 5, and used it to remote mount a share on a synology NAS share (It has FAR more capacity than the PC I'm using for OMV). I manage to get it connected, it creates the new shared folder under the share on the Synology (which seems to indicate the connection has the proper authentication to the Synology since it can create a folder / write there) but once I connect to the OMV share it creates, I can't write to it no matter what I do or how I authenticate. I ran the exact same process minus the remote mount creating a local share on one of the drives in the OMV PC, and I can write to that just fine. Just to be sure I also wrote to the SMB share on the synology using the same authentication as I setup in the remote mount on OMV, and that worked fine.

    Any ideas where this might be going bad? Being able to share that capacity with the MUCH better interface and options of OMV would be really helpful.

    Thanks for any input or ideas!

  • OK, let's see if I understand this:

    If you share a local folder on OMV, it works and you can write to it.
    If you share a local folder on the Synology box, it works and you can write to it.

    Now you're attempting to remote mount a Synology network share, setting that up as an OMV local shared folder, then attempting to create a network share on OMV. Is that it?

    If that's the case what I think you're running into is a permissions conflict. If you're accessing an OMV share, over the network, you're doing it by username + password from the client. That username+password is not likely to be the same username + password that remote mount is using to access the Synology share. I don't believe permissions can be "tunneled" like that. For something like that to work, it might be necessary to set "Other's" on both boxes to Read/Write and the SMB network shares to guests allowed.

    This is not a good idea for a couple reasons:

    1. This would create 2x the network traffic. If copying or streaming a file, it would have to pass over the network, from the Synology Box to OMV, then over the network again, to get to the client. (This "relay" may create issues in itself.)
    2. To clear up potential permissions issues, to see if it would even work, it would probably be necessary to set permissions on both shares, on both boxes, to "Others" Read/Write. (Which is the equivalent of MS "Everyone" Read/Write.) With SMB set to "Guests Allowed" with write, anyone could write (or delete) from either server.

    With the above noted, I don't know whether it would work or not. Testing would require a two machine setup. With that noted, I regularly replicate between two machines for full server backup and, in one instance, I'm using remote mount as the path between the two boxes. But the files and folderss themselves are local with the local OMV server handling permissions for network share access.

    My advice would be to set up network shares on the server where the data exists. It's a lot less complicated and more secure.

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