How to Recovery the RAID after an HDD change

  • Good morning,

    i need help.

    One of my HDDs in my RAID 6 broke, so I shut down the NAS, removed the faulty HDD, and replaced it with a new one. The problem is that I no longer see my RAID 6.

    I did some big mistake to removing the HDD without first removing it from the array. I do not have anymore my old drive.

    Total number of hdd:9

    The code below are make without the new hard drive installed.

    root@NasOMV:~# cat /proc/mdstat
    Personalities : [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid1] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10]
    md0 : inactive sdg[7](S) sde[3](S) sdf[6](S) sdc[1](S) sdh[8](S) sdb[0](S) sda[5](S) sdd[2](S)
          93750063104 blocks super 1.2
    unused devices: <none>

    root@NasOMV:~# mdadm --detail --scan --verbose
    INACTIVE-ARRAY /dev/md0 num-devices=8 metadata=1.2 name=NasOMV:BigData UUID=791d5068:980fb9e9:3729dd39:f33f2a59

    The code below are make with the new hard drive installed.

    There is something that i can do?

    Thanks you very much

  • Askbruzz

    Changed the title of the thread from “Recover RAID after HDD change” to “How to Recovery the RAID after an HDD change”.
  • Hi, the raid is still here but in inactive status. It is easy to recover with below commands:

     mdadm --stop /dev/md0
     mdadm --assemble /dev/md0 --uuid=791d5068:980fb9e9:3729dd39:f33f2a59
     cat /proc/mdstat

    If the you can read the status of raid is going to "active" at third step, you will read the raid on omv again in degraded status. Then you can recover your raid on web GUI of OMV again.

    Keep in mind that never restart or shutdown the machine when you got the disk trouble. You have to remove the bad disk in the web GUI first, afterword you can shutdown the machine and change the physical disk.

    Good luck

  • Oh man, thanks you mery much. <3

  • can someone explain me this?

  • can someone explain me this?

    If you mean the "SparesMissing Event" message, I think you can check your configure file at:


    If you find


    Then just move it. Hope this can solve your problem.

    mdadm just add this option sometimes when replacement of hard disk.

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