openmediavault as NAS for my proxmox_ve

  • Hello everyone, great pleasure to join this community

    I have had OMV installed in my office for 2 weeks, but it is time to install it in the datacenter, in production
    I am about to start using OMV, as NAS for my ProxmoxVE system, where I will mount a STORAGE of the NFS type ( from OMV exports) to send the backups of the VMs and the containers( every day)
    In my OMV server have 6 disks (2 SSD 256GB, 4 SATA 2TB)
    How do you think it would be the way to install ( what thing on each disk) the system and build the raid/s, and what is the fastest raid to rebuild when putting a new disk, when one fails,

    thanks since now:thumbup:

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