Good old apt (kept back) - and 5.6 kernel crashes my machine :\

  • Fun and games - have a read - is any of this related?

    Having installed OMV5 from ISO, I wasn't paying attention and ran "apt-get install ntp", which decided to uninstall openmediavault.

    I caught it just after I hit yes, but not before it took out the services and upset everything.

    Top/Obvious Tip - pay attention to what a package claims it will uninstall for you/don't install ntp (use an sntp docker image!)

    So, I've symlinked the services back to /lib/systemd and OMV started up again - and I re-ran the salt-setup/init system again as I had another problem - everything now looks fine, and reboots don't affect anything.

    I then got a prompt that kernel 5.6 was available. That installed, but I suffered two random restarts after a few hours, with my HP gen8 (microserver) iLO reporting two NMI events.

    I restarted and selected 5.5 in the boot menu, and it's continued being stable for a couple of days (with my various docker containers whirring away)

    Today, I've been informed by apt, that "openmediavault" has an update available, but:

    The following packages have been kept back:

    salt-common salt-minion

    Now, is that related to my having 5.6 installed but not booted? The OMV update installed fine but given OMV uses salt....


    Should I apt-get install them anyway?

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