[SOLVED] AFP Shares always say 'Connection Failed' for user accounts

  • So I'm a OMV newb and not a big fan of SMB due to it's tendency to keep phantom network shares floating around Finder sidebars are being disconnected.

    So why can't I use AFP?

    I created a user fo myself with default settings. Doubled checked its part of the 'users' group.

    I created a Shared folder, added it to Apple Filing shares with default permissions.

    Now I can access the share fine with AFP via the Guest account.

    I can access the share fine via SMB with my user account credentials.

    But no matter what I try, Finder always just says 'Connection Failed' when using AFP and my user account credentials

    Any ideas?

  • Solution:

    For AFP to connect for a user account, at least one Shared Folder must have Read/Write or Read-Only ticked in Users->Privileges. (or Shared Folders->Privileges)

    This is not the case for SMB service which makes this confusing.

    Being that this effects AFP but not SMB, perhaps a note in the AFP section would be appropriate.

  • TijuanaKez

    Changed the title of the thread from “AFP Shares always say 'Connection Failed' for user accounts” to “[SOLVED] AFP Shares always say 'Connection Failed' for user accounts”.

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