change Harddisk (not using raid)

  • I replaced a hard disk and before did a clone of the old disk and thought that will be enough ;)

    Well .....since OMV uses brand and serial number of the HD it looks like I can not just easily change the HD in the way I thought I can.

    What is the best way to accomplish that .....I mean reconfigure all shared folders and everything to point to the new HD?

    I am not even able to mount the new HD via OMV (even it is mounted when I get the error but I can not apply the settings via the web gui due to the error and need to do discard changes ....even it shows green in the gui and I can see via the shell that it is mounted. I guess once it is mounted I could just change all folders manually.

    How should I go ahead?

    thanks :)

  • Best is to completely reformat it and create it with a fresh filesystem within OMV. THEN copy everything to the new drive, delete all Service bindings (SMB, FTP etc.), remove all shared folders and recreate them.

  • thanks for the quick answer. I am just wondering if I should just remove all partitions since formatting is probably done by creating new filesystems within OMV, right? I totally forget how I initially added my partitions .....

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