Jmicron sata controller with with jmb585 chip supported?

  • Hi, I have a jmicron sata controller with jmb585 chip, similar to this. I have been using UnRAID (based on slackware, current kernel 4.19.107) for a few years using the sata ports of the mobo and this card.

    When I now try the latest and greatest OMV, I can only see the disks connected to mobo, not to the card.

    So I have seen this card working on linux, but now I don't see it working in OMV.

    Does anyone have experience with this card? Or better yet, have made it work in OMV?

    From UnRAID, where it works (I don't have OMV available currently, but I remember that the ahci kernel module was loaded there too):

  • well that was quick. I forgot that I had it connected to my icy dock 6x 2.5" in 1 5 1/4" dock. I poped a disk into the carrier, slid it in, and the disk showed up in the OMV storage/disks section just as I hoped it would. so not only does it work, but it also supports hot swap :)

  • Your reply encouraged me to make another install attempt, and this time it worked!

    I remember messing with S.M.A.R.T., and the disks disappeared.

    I must have done something I shouldn't have:(.

    Anyway, now OMV is up and running with all the disks on both mobo and controller.:)


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