UPS - Change the Admin Password, or How to Configure Master NUT for dual admin credentials

  • I have the UPS plugin enabled for remote management.

    All is working well on the client and server side.

    The one frustration is you cannot set the admin password for the UPS plugin, and even if you do it will revert back to the overly complicated one.

    upsd.users will get overridden on every service start.

    My issue is if I want to run commands to the UPS, I have to set the admin password for all my UPS's to the same overly complicated password.

    I'd like to simply this.

    Two part question...

    1. Can you set the admin password for the UPS plugin and make it stick, and...

    2. If you can't set the password how can you configure the NUT server to send command to different UPS's with different admin credentials?

  • OMV auto-generates the password everytime the configuration is rebuild. Since the normal workflow is to configure the service once, there is normally no need to change anything afterwards. You can now simply extract the password from the configuration file and use it whereever you want. Other workflows are not supported.

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