Best file ownership and permissions for my needs

  • I have two main file shares, mostly media but some other stuff likes backups, software, etc

    I'm the only person who really accesses my server directly. My wife,son and friends access the plex server but not the file shares, rdesktop or ssh.

    Because I'm the only person accessing these files directly I just set both shares to everyone read/write. I set samba to allow guests, though I'm thinking I shouldn't trust my network so much and enforce a password for smb login.

    I installed rdesktop in a docker container because to be honest when dealing with so many files it's much easier to have a GUI file manager than using console commands.

    I've noticed with this setup OMV has set most of the share directories to be owned by root and in the group users.

    Most of my files are the same except for a directory of movies I copied via a smb share that is owned by nobody with a group of nogroup

    For SMB I'm having some weird behavior

    From windows I can access both shares with no issues and create/edit/delete files.

    From a chromebook I can read files, but I can't delete anything.

    This could just be an issue with chromebook's smb support, what do you think?


    I'm running it the the PUID and PGID of the admin user and I set it to privileged

    I gave access to both file shares

    Some of the files are owned by root:users and those I can manage fine.

    Others are owned by root:root and those files I can't delete in a RDESKTOP file manager.

    Should I really be trying to maintain my files as owned by root:users so I can access them and manipulate them anywhere?

    I do have some experience with linux in the past and having most of my files owned by root just seems odd.

    But if I use the reset permissions plugin, that's what it sets all files and directories to.

    Thank for helping out a OMV newbie.

    I really enjoy this software, especially the ease of adding other software via docker images.

    It's brought my old server from 2009 back to life, on windows it was running slow and very poorly.

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