How to appropriately set spindown (Power Management) when using SnapRaid?

  • I changed from RAID6 to SnapRaid. I remember reading installation advice on RAID setup here that said "never set spindown" for HDD with autoshutdown. So I was running fine for some years having the system shut down after 30 minutes of beeing idle instead of having the disk beeing spun down and leaving the rest on power consumption.

    Now I changed my setup to SnapRaid and I wonder if I have to reset my spindown settings in Power Management. I decided so say "Minimum consumption WITH spindown" and set spindown to 10 minutes. The whole system shuts down after 60 minutes of beeing ide.

    I think this is better because SnapRaid will spin up only the one disk it needs if there is some access. I could even leave the whole thing on a little bit longer or maybe even the whole day because now the disks will spin down where as with a RAID all of the disks needed to spin up if there was access and this was clearly too much power consumption.

    Is this a good setup?

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