ClamAV "extra options"

  • Hi.

    My clamav scans give me some warnings for example "MaxDirectoryRecursion" so I tried to change that through "extra options" configuration but it was not working.

    Checking "/etc/clamav/clamd.conf" I saw that extra options are on bottom of the file and defaults are on top, moving "extra options" to the top of the file make it working.

    So I check it further and found in source code and it seems that defaults are taken from Open Media Vault variables. Now I'm a little bit confused, what is correct way to configure ClamAV, extra options seems to be correct way from user point of view (its in GUI, variables are not). Maybe variables in this case are legacy way?

    If "extra options" have priority then moving them to the top of clamd.conf should solve that issue (it seems clam is reading only first appearance of the parameter).

  • Something is wrong with "OMV_CLAMAV_CLAMD_MAXDIRECTORYRECURSION", after setting it up in "/etc/default/openmediavault" and running "sudo omv-salt stage run prepare" it still shows old value in "/etc/clamav/clamd.conf".

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