NUT plugin with custom nut build

  • Hi, i'm have UPS which not supported by nut, yet. The UPS is detected like Fry's Electronics MEC0003. But I found unconfirmed commit which adds support for that type of UPS: and forked nut whith implemented support: But the fork is pretty old. I'm build fork from source and install and after many errors it works with nut plugin and shows me data.

    But looks like something goes wrong. I cannot connect to the nut even from omv host if I use it IP instead of and it not work after reboot. Additionally I'm not shure in building parameters. For example does it need ssl or not.

    Maybe some suggestions what I can do? Does plugin required last version of nut? How can I change nut with fork build and why it not accesed from other computers even if configs has no limitations?

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