BTRFS RAID1 automount fails

  • I created a BTRFS raid1 from two encrypted SSDs like so:

    mkfs.btrfs -d raid1 /dev/mapper/sda-crypt /dev/mapper/sdb-crypt -f

    btrfs filesystem label /dev/mapper/sda-crypt SSD

    The problem:

    After a reboot and after unlocking the drives the array does not automatically mount.

    OMV tries to mount the array every 30 seconds which results in the following errror:

    monit[1395]: 'mountpoint_srv_dev-disk-by-label-SSD' status failed (1) -- /srv/dev-disk-by-label-SSD is not a mountpoint

    The array mounts fine within the GUI and also via CLI with mount -a.

    Does anybody know why it is failing to automount?

  • (I've been following your thread but didn't answer it because I have no very little experience with BTRFS and nothing recent with disk encryption.)

    I am still interested in knowing why the array (after unlocking the drives in the GUI) was mounting fine manually but not automatically.

    This is anecdotal for sure but I've found that the only way to be certain that a drive will mount is to have it present (in your case unlocked) when OMV boots up. In some cases drives will automount, after boot up (like plugging in a USB external), but nothing is guaranteed. I've seen the Developer answer a similar thread for OMV3 where he said, more or less, the same thing. Drives need to be present when booting up.

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