AMD Zen 2 Energy monitoring

  • Hi,

    My question is related more with Linux and Debian then with OMV, but I hope you will not kick me from here :P

    I saw some time ago then Linux kernel 5.8 has a driver/module for newer Zen base CPUs to monitor energy. I was hoping that after updating kernel to 5.8 on my OMV 5 installation new monitoring device will appear in /sys/class/hwmon, but it didn't :(

    After searching throughout Internet I didn't find anything about manually enabling something, everyone show that after installing new kernel or whole distro new module is in place.

    Anyone know if I need to do/install something, maybe kernel 5.8 is not enough and I need to wait for some additional modules to be added by OMV maintainers?

    I have B550 board with Ryzen 3600 so new energy module should work with it.


    lm_sensors doesn't find new sensors.

    Here is link to article about it:…nergy-Driver-Working-Well

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