i can't open ports to connect omv to internet

  • I try to install nextcloud to share my folders with my external work team and in the tutorials it appears that I must have internet access but I open the ports of my TpLink archer AC1750 c7 v2 router and it does not allow me to connect to my omv through the internet.

    somebody help me please

    I have an arris modem connected to my TpLink c7 router and I open the forwarding port but I don't know if I should open them on the modem too

  • Hello,

    Do you have the ports open on the arris modem?

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  • Hello,

    Do you have the ports open on the arris modem?

    mmm no i dont... do i have to doit it so¿ ok...

    for example, my arris TG2482AP2 wifi modem router with local ip sends the ip address (DHCP) to my tplink router so ...

    Do I have to open ports 81 and 447 already configured and point them to that address?

    and I don't use the default ports 80 and 443 because I have read forums and seen videos on youtube and others that teach that you must change the ports to install docker, portainer and the next cloud.

    also ... do I also have to open the router ports?

    the ip address of my lan router is and it sends a static IP to my devices like for example

  • HI roycordeo

    Basically you need to make sure that there is a open route from the internet to your Nextcloud container. So you need to check that every device in your home network allows traffic through to the container. It doesn't really matter how many times you change port in this route if just there is a open routes.

    That means that besides your TP-link router you need to check your ISP provided modem/router and maybe the OMV firewall (which by the way, I would strongly advice you to configure when you start exposing it to the internet).

    Besides having the right ports opened there are at least two-three common problems that I can think off that might prevent you from connecting to your container:

    1) If both your ISP router and your TP-link router is set up to perform NAT on your network this can potentially cause a so problem called "doubble-NAT'ing" - If possible, try connecting your OMV host directly to the ISP router, forward the necessary ports and see if that solves your problems. If not...

    2) Some ISPs performs Carrier Grade NAT'ing or just CGNAT'ing on your connection which can also potentially cause trouble.

    3) Now I don't know your setup but if all your equipment on your home network - both wired and wireless - are connected to your TP-link router, it's probably preferable to have your ISP router set to "Bridge mode". It might be something you can do yourself via the web-interface but maybe it's something that only your ISP can do and it might even require that you get a fixed IP.

    I hope this sends you in the right direction...

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