• Dear all,

    My worst choice was to buy a QNAP. I admit....

    But, I discovered on interesting thing with it : It has a Dual NIC. So, I managed to create a virtual switch on this Qnap.

    I miss OMV

    But, Here my request :

    Dispite all my research, My good old OMV 5 could receive a 4 Nic pcie card.

    All I want is to recreate the same as te Qnap... or better ...

    A virtual switch for 2 of these port ... A bond for 2 other ?

    Possibilities are infinites... but.... I couldn't find where are these tuto ?

    So if somenone has any clue for Bridging, Boding, aggregating, switching or whathever ???

    Many thanks

  • Hi

    Maybe you cans describe exactly what you like to configure. Or what problem you encounter. The OVM5 gui let you create bonding out of the box. And via ssh interface you can extend the netplan config file with your own config.

    Can that help?

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