OMV5 Mount Network Share - CIFS & Synology

  • Hi -

    New user to OMV and so far I have primarily leveraged it as a host for Docker and an bunch of containers (and OMV is running as a VM on proxmox.).

    Everything has been running successfully but I am running out of space and would like to mount a network drive from my Synology via CIFS to OMV and then for use in Docker. In short I am having trouble with permissions, specifically I can navigate, view and even create a folder on the remote location but when I trying an write I get the dreaded error of "Folder is not writable by user abc".

    So far I have done the following:

    1 - Mount the CIFS drive directly to proxmox - works and was able to confirm by uploading a file successfully

    2 - Add and mount in OMV via the 'remote mount' plugin - works and can see the remote folder directory but unable to test uploading to in OMV (if someone knows a test i can do that would be great)

    3 - updated a docker image, radarr, with the correct container path to the mounted drive. Again i can navigate to the remote drive via radarr (tried sonarr also) and view contents but this is where it fails to be added to radarr:

    Tried the following from various posts that I have found..

    First tried changing the host (synology)

    - Created a new user on Synology to match the user name that docker established at initial generation, abc with a PUID=998 and GUID=100. From there I used those credentials in the CIFS mount. Again able to browse the directory but unable to write.

    - CHMOD - r 777 against the mount point directory so it was wide open R/W/E for everyone - no change

    Second tried to match from the client end (omv)

    - Updated the PUID and GUID in the Docker image are the same as what is used by the 'admin' user Synology Nas - PUID=1024 and GUID=100. And then used that account to mount the CIFS share in OMV. No luck same scenario


    Sort of out of ideas on what to try next.


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