Greyed out video files when accessing from OSX / Mac in Finder

  • Hello everybody,

    I've set up an Openmediavault 5.5.17-3 (Usul) as a project NAS in our audio production company, where my current computer is a Mac Pro 5,1 running High Sierra 10.13.2.

    Generally it has worked fine, but I've come across an odd compatibility issue with OSX when it comes to storing video files. On some video files, apparently at random, it will grey out the icon, and behave erratically when transfering / copying / opening. Ive noticed the following issues:

    1. When I drag and drop files from the NAS in finder to say my desktop, it will show the progress bar and transfer time correctly, but once it reaches completion the file will simply vanish from the receiving computer as if it wasn't even transfered.

    2. When I try to move a file on the NAS to another directory on the NAS in Finder, it warns me: "Some of the items you are moving are in use by another application. Moving the items can cause prolbems with the application using them. Are you sure you want ot move these items?", but if I proceed it moves them without issue.

    3. When I try to copy a file on the NAS to another directory on the NAS in Finder, it prompts me with: "One or more items in "" can't be changed because they are in use"

    4. Folders also ocassionaly grey out, but it resolves simply by double clicking the folder and entering it.

    5. Previewing the videos with Apples own preview tool by space clicking the file in Finder allows me to watch the file even if gray, but opening it in VLC or Quicktime fails.

    For a while I believed it to be user permission / CODEC related, but some (not all) greyed out video files persist between different users, and the greyed files are of a wide range of formats / CODECs including mp4, mov, Apple ProRes and Avid DnxHD.

    None of these issues are present when I ssh in or access the sambashare via Thunar on my personal Linux machine, and I can even remedy persisitng grayed out files by simply copying the file in Thunar to replace the previous file.

    Most greyed out files persist between reboots as well.

    Anybody experienced anything similar, or know where to start looking to troubleshoot? I suspect it's more of an Apple/Mac issue than an OMV one, but I thought I'd start asking here anyways. Some previous threads on similar issues yielded little results for me after attempting their terminal command fixes for the files.

    Thanks a bunch!
    - Henry

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