LUKS Encrypted Device Missing - How to recover?

  • I had an external disk set up with LUKS encryption and a filesystem.

    I wanted to add a backup so I connected another external drive and encrypted it too. I then realised that USB Backup isn't set up to work as standard with encrypted drives so I erased the second disk to start again. However, there are now no devices showing in the storage/encryption tab.

    How can I access my original encrypted disk?

    I'm not that familiar with LUKS, so could really do with some advice. I know what I set as the cipher setting when I created the encrypted device and I know the passphrase, but without it showing in the encryption tab I'm not sure where to start.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit (more information): I have now also realised that although my disk is present in the Disks tab, it doesn't show in the Device dropdown of the "Create encrypted device" dialog. Additionally, in filesystems, the filesystem status is "Missing".

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