OMV5 and BPI-W2 sata disk not found (debian10 kernel 4.9)

  • Hi

    i have bananapi-W2 board

    with debian 10 buster kernel 4.9 linux from bananapi

    and i install omv5

    I have problem with sata disks. linux found disks and place name /dev/sata (not dec/sdX) !!!

    linux found disks and mount its fine.

    if i insert usb flash disk it is found with omv good, itis name /dev/sdX

    please said for mi, OMV5 support disks with name /dev/sataa or /dev/satab ?

    i check with

    omv-rpc -u admin "diskmgmt" "enumerateDevices" | python3 -m json.tool

    but this command found only emmc drive, sata drive not found

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