Slow OMV, great packet loss

  • Hi guys, this is my first post in the forum, so pardon me for my mistakes. A month ago or so y installed OMV5 on an old computer I had laying around. It has been working great ever since, hosting smb shares and docker containers (OpenVPN, Home assistant). However, a couple of days ago the system started working really slow. SMB shares took ages to load, files sometimes appeared as corrupted, the WebUI took ages to load, SSH times often out and docker is not running at all. Doing some testing I've found that when pinging some external server ( There were a large number of packets lost (67%+). A week ago running those same ping test I had a 0% loss rate. I haven't changed anything from the configuration, it just appeared from nowhere. I've been reading the syslogs and everything looks fine to me (although I'm not an expert). Any ideas of what could go wrong?
    Thank you!

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