OMV First Aid - Locked users overview - unable to reset counter

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    Locked Users Overview



    After reading above---^^^ run the pam_tally2 as root:

    sudo pam_tally2 --reset and the counter was reseted running in omv-firstaid:

    No locked/banned users or candidates exists.

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    1st issue posted 8)

    Never had configured the mail notifications, but finally decided to.
    Started receiving a info about "Locked users overview" and that to reset the counter, to use omv-firstaid.

    Fired the terminal and launched it (I don't recall ever using it, nice tool to start discovering with EXTREME CAUTION).
    Scrolled down to #4 and clicked "OK" but it errored out.

    Tried with sudo omv-firstaid and the same issue.

    Here is the log to it to see if anyone has an idea of what's wrong:
    Reset failed login attempt counter for user '[NONAME]'.
    pam_tally2: pam_get_uid; no such user [NONAME]
    pam_tally2: Unknown user
    ERROR: Command '['pam_tally2', '--quiet', '--reset=0', '--user', '[NONAME]']' returned non-zero exit status 1.

    If any info more is helpfull, please, let me know.

    Thank you in advance

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