OMV reconfigures DHCPCD, how to restore? Raspberry Pi 4

  • So... I made a sin. Or a lot of them. I took a Raspberry Pi with me for a trip for toying a bit, and installed Rasbian with the full desktop.

    I was watching a video and it installed this and I needed to also install OMV because it depended on it to work. The thing is that it killed my WiFi. After a while I could connect to the network (I can SSH into it, and the OMV webpage is up), but it has no WiFi!!.

    When I hover over the WiFi panel, it says "Connection to dhcpcd lost". I checked and /etc/dhcpcd.conf was gone. I restored it. Next, I went to /etc/network/interfaces and even tho I so a comment saying it was an aout-generated file by OMV, it was identical to the original one.

    What am I missing? I'm in the network and I can ping other people and access the Pi from other devices, but it doesn't show it in the panel and I don't have internet. I won't have access to a different SD for at least a week so I'd be nice solve this before.

    Thanks a lot!

    Also, if someone from the future comes here for reference on how OMV killed your WiFi for doing stupid things like me, so far I got it working (without internet) with:

    sudo ip link set wlan0 u
    ifconfig #it now shows the wlan0 interface
    #rebooted and configured the localization for WiFi
    #edited the wpa_suplicant and added my network (it was done in my case because I already had connected to the WiFi before, but you could look up for a guide on how to connect to WiFi from terminal)
  • It is no good idea to install OMV in parallel with a desktop or something else because OMV take over the control of your system which might break other things. E.g. a desktop normally wants to configure the network itself (using network-manager), but OMV itself also takes over the control of this by using You see, this does not harmonize. OMV was never designed nor will it be in future to support parallel installation.

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