Moving shared folder to another filesystem. bind mounts in fstab not updated.

  • Hello,

    I've finished a storage migration on my 2 OMV5 instances (VMs under Proxmox with pass-through disks) from various RAID flavors on several 2TB HDDs to few un-mirrored SSDs.

    Method used:

    0.- Update OMV to latest

    1.- Attach SSD to the OMV VM

    2.- Wipe the SSD

    3.- Encrypt the SSD (this was is an extra step)

    4.- Create a single filesystem on the SSD

    5.- Initial copy (using rsync CLI) of the content of shared folders from different FS (RAIDs) to the new FS (SSD) (pass#1)

    6.- Stop all clients, and reboot OMV5 VM

    7.- Update copy (using rsync CLI) of the content of shared folders from different FS (RAIDs) to the new FS (SSD) (pass#2)

    8.- Move the Shared Folders using the GUI from old FS to the new one.

    9.- Stop/Start services (CIFS/NFS/RSYNC) or reboot

    10.- Restart clients

    11.- Delete & umount old FS, delete/wipe old disks & detach HDD from the VM.

    Everything went smoothly with a very little downtime on clients (steps 6 - 10) but each time I've moved shared folders with NFS share (all went OK for CIFS/rsync/FTP only shared folders) it didn't reconfigure NFS correctly. In fact, the bind mounts under /export in /etc/fstab were not rewritten with the new FS mount point after the move + config update. I've not moved the shared folders all at the same time but one after the other applying config each time.

    As I'm not salt expert, I ended by removing each NFS share, checking that the bind mount was removed in fstab before recreating the share -> valid fstab config.

    So I guess there's a bug/missing action when moving a shared folder with NFS share configured from one FS to another in the GUI.


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