New OMV5 Build - Strange Issues - Windows Cant Delete backup Files

  • Hi all, new OMV 5 user. I built a raspberry Pi 4 with Raspberry Pi Lite, Pi is connected directly to my Service Provider Router via CAT7 cable connected to 1 of 4 1Gig ports. My storage of choice is an WD My Book 8TB USB3.0 External HDD,

    The setup process was smooth and performance seems okay.

    My main reason for the build is to use the OMV NAS mainly for backing up some folders on my Windows 10 Pro laptop that is connected to the network via wifi 5GHz

    I have been playing around a lot with True Image 2021 backup schedules and testing performance.

    Deleting these files from my windows share on the laptop has been somewhat of a challenge in Windows.

    I seem to have a lot of retry errors when trying to delete files, and i have a couple of files that just wont delete, they seem to get to 75% then eventually timeout offering a retry or cancel, if i retry it just seems to be stuck in a loop.

    My 82GB backup took approx 3hrs, not entirely sure if that is an acceptable amount of time for a backup to take over 5GHz Wifi to 1Gig Ethernet connected Pi 4

    I have copied the Raspios Zip File(2.9GB) quite a few times today.

    1st Time- 14MB/sec

    2nd Time - 34Mb/sec

    3rd Time - 57Mb/sec

    4th Time - 114Mb/sec

    5th Time - 7MB/sec

    6th Time - 10MB/sec

    Performance is unbelievably erratic. During these tests, nothing discernible has occurred, no other network activity, no activity on the laptop apart from the tests.

    Any thoughts or setting changes you would recommend?



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