Isolating performance / hangs when using SMB shares from OMV on macOS?

  • Wondering if anyone might have some suggestions or areas to diagnose when it comes to Samba sharing issues with macOS. One of the personal shares on OMV is a personal music collection for a user. When iTunes/Music starts up on macOS and initially starts to play music there is no problem whatsoever, but when they change to another song after a song plays through or they simply attempt to double click on another song, the application hangs indefinitely - hours if left alone.

    Access to other folders and data in Finder works seemingly fine, but the Music app just won't come back and has to be killed manually. But even after killing it and bringing it back up, it again behaves properly for one song again.

    Seems like pretty strange behavior and I'm not sure where to start digging to isolate the trouble.

  • After adding some arguments to Extra options within SMB/CIFS > Advanced Settings I'm having better results with also a resolution of some Windows 10 clients also now being able to authenticate:

    Still having some hangs, but I'm suspecting that it may have to do with a problem with a particular macOS workstation. Going to do some more diagnostics in the coming week and hopefully report back authoritatively on this.

  • ylluminate

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