Nextcloud with swag and onlyoffice

  • Running OMV5 with SWAG nextcloud Docker reachable via subfolder according to

    [How-To] Nextcloud with swag (Letsencrypt) using OMV and docker-compose

    These are running fine.

    I've decided to add onlyoffice as mentioned in [How-To] onlyoffice in nextcloud docker

    but running into issues.

    docker logs -f swag 



    <-- snap

    There have indeed been three dots in Line 2 ... in the onlyoffice.subfolder.conf by mistake.

    Fixed it, but still get the error.

    Even erasing onlyoffice.subfolder.conf doesn't make a difference.

    I simply do not find the folder


    Probably to an experanced user the cause is pretty easy...

    Is there any hint to look for?




  • ttom!

    Added the Label OMV 5.x
  • Post the YML that you used and it will be easy to spot, ;)

    But just a reminder that OnlyOffice won't work on armhf systems (Raspberry PI for eg).

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