Errors ext4 flashdrive after wakeup

  • Hi,

    Again I've run into some problems and request kindly your assistance resolving this. The goal is to put the server to either S3 (suspend to RAM) or S4 (hibernate). Around midnight autoshutdown will put the server to S3. The following morning when the WakeAlarm is triggered the server spits out a load of error messages and the system is unusable:

    ext4-fs error ext4 find entry:1536: inode #.....comm nginx, comm cron, comm smartd, com master, comm monit: reading directory lblock blablablabla

    When I try to put the server to standby via the webgui and wakeup using magic packet this message appears:

    acpi hardware changed while hibernated, succes doubtfull!

    The above is with Restore on ac power loss disabled and S3 on auto in the bios.

    The setup:

    - Asrock J5040-ITX

    - Samsung Fit usb flasdrive 64GB. Resized the ext4 part to aprox half and left that unpartitioned for overprovisioning. Had to move the swap partition to the left a bit so that the unpartitioned space is on the right

    - S3 is set to auto in the bios

    - Restore on ac power loss is set to enabled

    - Deep sleep S5 is set to disabled in the bios

    - Swap is enabled, however swappiness is set to 10 default 60

    - 16GB ddr4 installed

    - Autoshutdown en flash plugins are installed. No error messages during install.

    - System is up to date.

    I have to cold reboot the server in order to get it to work again. I have tried the following:

    - In the plugin select S3 and S4

    - Set Restore on ac power loss enabled and disabled

    - Scan the flashdrive for errors (inode), which are found after a bad wakeup

    - Removed the entries in fstab, noatime and nodiretime / Removed the flashplugin/reboot and the following morning the same error happened

    - Restore on ac power loss enabled/disabled

    I have searched the forum and could not find any solution. Any help is appreciated.

    Kind regards

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