Realtek based USB HUB not supported anymore?

  • Hello.

    I was using my OMV-based NAS for around 1 year, sadly after rebooting the system 2 days ago, it stopped seeing my drives, while using a USB HUB. ?(

    Once I connect them via a noname passive USB hub, they work! (but there are power issues too)

    SBC: NanoPi Neo3 1GB (+justPi 3A 5V)

    HUB: Unitek Y-3089, Unitek H1111D - system won't boot while connected. Once connected after booting, OMV won't detect any LUKS headers. Sometimes it detects them, but then I see

    "communication failure" and "An error has occurred".

    I installed the newest Armban and OMV on two identical Neo3 SBCs - the same problem.

    The HUBs work well with Raspberry Pi.

    Buy another HUB?

  • Downgrading Kernel to 5.10.16 fixed this issue.

    On 5.10.63 both USB HUBs wouldn't work as xhci (tested on 2 boards, 2 different microSD cards).

    No problems on Raspberry Pi with Kernel 5.10.63.

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