2x14TB pooled with UnionFS plugin, hard link does not work.

  • Two Proxmox VMs - one for apps and one for OMV. OMV has 2x14TB drives pooled with unionFS plugion, shared to docker as a SMB share and created a named volume called "data". Cannot get hard link to work. I know I fucked up somewhere, but I'm too technically handicapped to figure it out on my own. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • It's my first time replying to a comment on here and bare with me.

    In your docker compose you didn't bind the mounts and another thing is radarr & sonarr uses mysql which doesn't play well with NFS or SMB shares. I'm running a similar setup as you using OMV5 in a Promox VM but I'm using a LXC Container for docker instead of another VM.

    What I did is have OMV only manage the data and parity drives and store the docker containers data files locally as it just works better than trying to store them on a network share. I'll attach pictures of my setup.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply! I'm using a named docker volume, which is persistent regardless of my docker-compose file. All app data is stored locally in /opt/appdata/name-of-service, whereas data (e.g movies, series, photos etc) is stored on the OMV SMB share. I had huge problems with stale file handle errors when using NFS, but once I switched to SMB it all works wonderfully.

    What puzzles me is the fact that I've set everything up according to the Servarr guide in terms of directories etc, so I'm at a loss as to why hard link does not work with my current setup. The only thing I can think of with my limited knowledge is that I fucked something up with the creation of the drive pool in the UnionFS plugin in OMV.


    Someone on Reddit pointed out that my GUID was set to 100, not 1000. I changed this and hard link seems to work fine. Resolved.

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