Failure to reboot

  • Been running omv 5 on my odroid hc4 since July 2021. It works well since the initial problems were sorted. Ive kept it updated.

    After 2-3 months I noticed it would no longer reboot. If i schedule a reboot or reboot manually it gets stuck. I have to pull the power and then insert the power to get it to boot back.

    Is this a problem due to an update or is this a problem due to some kind of corruption?

    Is there a fix? Where do I look?

    I prefer my devices to have a reboot schedule to keep them fresh.

    Please note my skills on omv are limited and im learning. 8)

  • I’m finding this is an issue with kernel 5.14.0. Booting into kernel 5.11.0 works fine. I’m currently trying to figure out how to remove the newer kernel and default boot into 5.11.0. I’ve tried doing a sudo flash-kernel and that works but petitboot keeps booting 5.14.0 argh.

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