Random restarts, uptime no longer than about two hours

  • Random restarts on OMV server with Proxmox kernel and ZFS (kernel panic)

    Hello! I’ve been trying to pin down why my openmediavault server has been randomly rebooting. Uptime is usually no more than two hours. I have ZFS installed with the proxmox kernel. It seems as though the error does not get saved to the logs. Today I was in a an ssh session with the server and I received this message before the server rebooted:

    kernel:[ 7277.962263] Kernel panic - not syncing: stack-protector: Kernel stack is corrupted in: mvs_release_task+0x96/0xa0 [mvsas]

    Can someone help me understand this?

    On another note, each time the server boots up I get this message:

    integrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -74

    I don’t know if they are connected. Any advice is appreciated!

    I have tested my ram fully with memtest, tested my cpus with prime95, and have tested all of my drives with badblocks

  • So it turns out that the main issue was caused because I switched the hba I was using. I switched it to one that only supports up to 8 drives over SAS and I have 10. The curious thing about this is that it did work but not for more than two hours. I could even pull data off the array. Lesson learned is always check your hardware capabilities

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