OMV 5 to 6 upgrade breaks SnapRaid cron job

  • I just updated OMV 5 to 6 and everything seems to be fine except the cron job for SnapRaid seems to be failing. Here is the error when trying to execute the cron job manually:

    I tried replicating to see which step is failing and it's failing at some logging conditional. Doesn't seem like it's the actual root cause. If I add everything on the script prior to this line, it works. If I add just this line to the end, it fails.

    if [ -e $PARITY_FILE ]; then
            if $DEBUG; then _log "DEBUG: found: PARITY_FILE: $PARITY_FILE"; fi
      _log "WARN: Parity file ($PARITY_FILE) not found!"
      exit 1

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