Portainer Business Edition fatal error

  • I started to prep for upgrade to 6 and noticed Portainer is not reachable. On OMV-extras tab, I see Portainer restarting:

    Docker logs show:

    time="2022-09-22T00:21:28Z" level=fatal msg="the Portainer database is set for Portainer Business Edition, please follow the instructions in our documentation to downgrade it: https://documentation.portaine….0-be/downgrade/be-to-ce/"


    Using the OMV interface, I first made sure docker was up-to-date with the install button - 5:20.10.18~3-0~debian-buster. Then I removed Portainer, then installed it again. No change in behavior. My other dockers are running fine.

    Before I try the downgrade suggestions mentioned at Portainer's site, is there anything else I should try that is more OMV-aware?

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