Auto Backup to Hotswap

  • hey guys

    i have a 4 bay hotswap case for my nas. currently in bay1 is the data hdd. omv is running on a internal ssd.

    on bay4 there's my backup hdd.

    the scenario i'd love to achieve is the following.

    the disk in bay4 is to be placed outside of the case, in my safe.

    as soon as bay4 gets plugged in, an auto backup is running that checks for available disks (bay1-bay3, so i can extend as soon as money for disks available) and backs them up to the backup disk.

    on completion it spins the backup disk down and maybe outputs a sound (mainboard buzzer available).

    i've searched the net and found a howto here (unrelated to omv) but my unix/omv knowledge is far too limited to see whether this could be adapted to omv or if there's an easier way to achieve this.

    as i said, my skills on that are very limited. but maybe a friendly forums user is generous enough to invest some time to help me!?

    i'll use the nas to save pics and videos of my newborn son, so we both say thanks in advance 🙂

    PS. Wenn deutsch für jemanden unkomplizierter ist, dann auch gut.

  • geaves

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  • the usb backup plugin claims to do this. Why would you use the bay? Wouldn't mean that in this case you need to mount the hdd in the bay case?

    a USB cage with transfer via USB 3.0 should be also considered.

    Advantage: you keep the hdd always in the usb enclosure (good also for when you want to access the backup from other computer)

    Disadvantage: speed is a bit slow, but this is mainly relevant for the first copy. Then rsync should do his magic and only the diffs to be synced...

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