OMV on RISC-V SBC? Can I run OMV from scratch with the source code?

  • Hello everyone!

    Now I have a RISC-V SBC and I want to run OMV on it. Is it possible? The SBC is StarTech VisionFive 2 with an engineering Debian.

    I have read the documentation, which says x86, x64 and ARM are supported. But I took a look at the stats of OMV repo on GitHub, and it seems the code is majorly PHP, TypeScript and Python. Since PHP, TypeScript and Python code is runnable on RISC-V now with Debian support and packages, I guess we can run OMV from the source code? I couldn't find a guide to running OMV from scratch with the source code. If you know, please give me a pointer.

    As OMV is rather sophisticated and I'm new to OMV, I don't know if we need other dependencies that are not available or runnable on RISC-V yet. If you know any blocking dependencies or any other reasons why OMV cannot run on RISC-V yet, please let me know.

    Thank you very much!

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