Guide - Custom cpu temp script for openmediavault-cputemp plugin

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    With the latest version of the cputemp plugin, additional cpu temp support can be added without changing the plugin.

    Creation of a script that gets the temperature is required. The cputemp plugin by default does not support my Ryzen 3600. Here is how you can customize the plugin to work with the Ryzen. This will most likely not work work with other chips. You will need to ask for support on the forum to write a custom cpu-temp script for your system.

    Make sure to install and configure the lm-sensors package

    sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

    sudo sensors-detect

    Edit the new cpu-temp script

    sudo nano /usr/sbin/cpu-temp

    Type or paste this line for a newer Ryzen chip.

    sensors | grep -A3 k10temp | awk '$1 == "Tctl:" { print $2 }' | grep -o '[0-9.]\+' | sed 's/\.//'

    ctrl-o to save, ctrl-x to exit

    chmod +x /usr/sbin/cpu-temp

    Execute cpu-temp to make sure it is working


    Then execute the following commands. The DIVISOR variable is needed because the script returns 275 for 27.5C. So, I need to divide by 10. The default is 1000.

    sudo omv-env set "OMV_CPU_TEMP_COMMAND" "/usr/sbin/cpu-temp"

    sudo omv-env set "OMV_CPU_TEMP_DIVISOR" "10"

    sudo omv-salt stage run prepare

    sudo omv-mkworkbench all

    sudo monit restart omv-engined

    Clear the browser cache


    omv 6.2.0-1 Shaitan | 64 bit | 6.1 proxmox kernel

    plugins :: omvextrasorg 6.1.1 | kvm 6.2.8 | compose 6.6.1 | cputemp 6.1.3 | mergerfs 6.3.5 | zfs 6.0.12 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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