Cannot connect to OMV server over VPN

  • I'm having an issue where I cannot see my OMV server when I connect to my network over VPN while away from home.

    The server is connected to my router using a Mellanox NIC and direct-attach cable for 10G networking.

    With other devices on my network I am able to ssh and connect to web apps by typing in their local addresses to a terminal or web browser.

    It seems like OMV is rejecting the outside connection.

    The VPN clients are on a different subnet from my default network, but I am able to connect to other devices so I don't see this as an issue.

    I plugged a different device into the SFP+ port on my router to ensure that that port didn't have a firewall rule in the router preventing the connection.

    I haven't set any rules in the OMV firewall.

    On my previous OMV server I could connect just fine this way but that machine did not use a 10G nic.

    Any idea why I'm not able to access it?

  • Hi,

    In my case it is a road problem.

    The IP of my VPN client is on the network at and my OMV is on the IP

    I added a route and it works now. On the other hand, I did this with a systemd service because OMV overwrites the changes...

    ip route add via
    Code dev enp3s0 proto kernel scope link src                                                                                                                                                                                                                               via dev enp3s0                                                                                                                                               

    There may be a problem with the default route not being present.

    There should be a default route ?

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