Kernal panic because of br0?

  • Hi forum

    I'm facing some strange issues and dont know how to resolve it.

    All my system is up to date...
    So basicly , i have followed a guide here in form about how to remove eno1 without saving and adding bridge (br0) with static ip adr.
    So far so good.

    It has worked before , but now since kernel update to 6.1.0-0 im running into kernel panics. like this:

    and this is only appearing if i have a bridged network. I have tested without bridge and there's none kernel panic
    But yeah this appear a couple times, then out of nowhere i cant get any response from server and it crashes..

    Any idear or input is preciated..

    And normaly i run this also so my vm (windows10) can connect to host and other containers:

    ip link add DockerNetBridge link br0 type macvlan mode bridge
    ip addr add dev DockerNetBridge
    ip link set DockerNetBridge up
    ip route add dev DockerNetBridge

    but i have left this part out so i dont complicate things for my selv, but the plan is that i will ad these links again in the future, if anybody has different approach, i would like to hear :)

    Thanks in advise.

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