Raid Card H710 and SMART data, PERCLI

  • Running an old server Dell T420 with Dell H710 raid card. OMV 6 with (7) 1TB SAS drives. The drives are enterprise quality but old. With the raid card, i cannot see any smart data through OMV.

    Dell offers "percli" for CLI useage. Has anyone used this and are there specifics that I should be wary of?

  • smartctl -h #help

    smartctl -H /dev/sda # Show device SMART health status

    #-d TYPE, --device=TYPE

    Specify device type to one of:

    ata, scsi[+TYPE], nvme[,NSID], sat[,auto][,N][+TYPE], usbasm1352r,N, usbcypress[,X], usbjmicron[,p][,x][,N], usbprolific, usbsunplus, sntasmedia, sntjmicron[,NSID], sntrealtek, jmb39x[-q],N[,sLBA][,force][+TYPE], jms56x,N[,sLBA][,force][+TYPE], areca,N/E, 3ware,N, hpt,L/M/N, megaraid,N, aacraid,H,L,ID, sssraid,E,S, cciss,N, auto, test


    7.0-18 (Sandworm)


    Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3460T @ 3.00GHz


    Linux 6.1.0-16-amd64

    • Official Post

    While I don't know about the Dell H710, you might want to search the net to see if the card can be flashed to IT mode.

    I flashed a Dell H200 that I'm still using. After the flash, it was a straight forward non-RAID JDOB adapter with transparent SMART pass through. Here's the -> thread that generally covers the topic. (Note that it's possible to brick the card.)

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