• I successfully installed OMV on my NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN3138. It did require purchasing a >4GB Disk On Module (DOM) to act as an OMV boot drive, as the original DOM is only 256 MB and is used for factory-resetting ReadyNAS OS. Thankfully, OMV is built on Debian and therefore the installation procedure is almost exactly the same as the guide I wrote to install Debian on the RN3138; simply use the OMV installation image instead. I expect that this procedure is very similar for any of the Intel-based rack-mount ReadyNAS models.

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  • I tried installing OMV 7 on my old NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN516 which I succeeded. :)

    I couldn't buy a new Disk On Module (DOM) higher than 4 GB, as it seems the DOM being soldered on the motherboard of the RN516.

    Steps which I followed:

    1. Connect a monitor via the HDMI port and a USB keyboard.
    2. Installed plain Debian following the Debian minimal install guide
      1. Removed the existing partitions on the DOM USB drive (soldered one). I don't care keeping ReadyNAS OS6
        1. In BIOS set SATA port to SSD
        2. One partition of 256 MB (FAT32 and made it bootable)
        3. Installed GRUB loader on this partition
      2. Used a dedicated SSD for installing OMV 7 (Losing one drive...)
        1. Used auto partitioning for this disk
    3. Then followed this guide to install OMV 7 on an existing Minimal Debian installation

    In the BIOS you can set the drive type to HDD or SSD.

    Maybe you can do it differently and doing it all from the OMV7 install image, but this is how I did it. Reading your blog and others put me there.


    OMV 7 | 64 bit | ASRock Rack X570D4U - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - 2x32 GB UDIMM ECC DDR4-3200 MHz

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